Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What We Have Been Up To.

Took the Boys for a short trip to the park today. Big Brother is finally feeling well enough to get out and play at the park. K.C. did well at the park , not much crying and actually stayed a little bit longer than we normally do. He spent the whole time trying to get on the wobbly bridge you see in the picture. Just getting on the thing was a challenge for him but man is this kid determined or what? He did finally get himself on the bridge! Purim is around the corner and Big Brother is excited! Kids these days aren't wearing the usual masks on Purim. Usually they wear a mask from a character Scroll of Esther, but last year I seen many kids wearing Spiderman, Batman, etc. Big Brother is still deciding, he did say maybe, just maybe, he would be King Ahashverosh. I nearly forgot to mention, yesterday K.C. had a hard piece of rubber in his mouth. I did manage to get it out of his mouth, he was chewing it. When I got it out of his mouth I was surprised. It was the little rubber piece off of the door stopper! How he managed to get that off is beyond me.
K.C. was eating his pasta with olive oil very well but suddenly stopped. He won't eat. I am now looking for another food that he may eat. His diet is so limited. Thank God for supplements!


Lora said...

I'm so glad to hear that Jayce is feeling so much better that he is going outside to play. That's neat that K.C. was so determined to get on the wobbly bridge and finally succeeded, good for him! Griffin has an extremely limited diet too and now that he is sick it's even more limited.

Melissa H said...

I laughed out loud at the rubber piece from the door stopper. ALL of those have been taken off the stoppers in our house for that very reason. We have also had to hide any rubber tire from any of his cars. Conor loves that rubbery stuff. Something that his OT suggested that I get (and he loves to chew on) is clear rubbery plastic tubing from the home improvement store. Cheaper than a chew tube and he loves it. So, if I catch him sticking something in his mouth, I redirect him to his tube.

I LOVE hearing about your traditions.