Friday, February 09, 2007

Making Choices.

I am working with K.C. on making choices. He doesn't know how to shake his head yes/no so many not so happy moments are becoming more and more these days. Today he was hungry. I knew he was hungry because he was not leaving the kitchen and just kinda staring. We do have the PECS photos so that he can make a choice but today when I put the photos on the table he quickly wiped them off with his hand and threw the rest. I took his hand and lowered him to the floor and helped him clean up what he threw. Yes he was crying the whole way through picking up, but, I have got to teach him if he throws something he is gonna pick it up. It's actually working! The picking up part that is! In the past he would have lost it totally but since I have been having him 'clean up' even if it's one thing that he's thrown he'll do just a little bit more each time there is a throwing episode. Now back to the original problem. Clearly K.C. didn't want to eat anything pictured on the PECS. I opened the cupboards to help find him something but this only got him angrier. He bit his hand so hard I could see the skin raise up. Not only did he bite, he bites and pulls his skin up with his teeth. We have had a lot of biting this week. I called my Mother for help. She suggested that each time K.C. appears to be hungry to immediately offer him the wrong thing, say ,"No" and shake his head No. Then right after try to offer him what he does want. She thinks he may learn to be able to communicate No this way. I sure hope so cause it has not been easy guessing what he wants to eat and his food choices have gotten so limited it almost scares me.


kristina said...

I have to keep accessing Charlie's food choices every few weeks or he starts self-selecting to just a few things----do you think the change from his being in school to home now could just be having a big effect in many different areas? It definitely is important for Chralie to learn about choices---too often, I'm not aware of how much I am "telling" him to do.

Big hug for KC---

Lora said...

Gosh hun, I wish that I had a suggestion but your Mom's suggestion seems like a great idea. I sure do feel for you though, I just wish that I had some idea of how to help. I will e-mail Kathleen and ask her what she would recommend. Hugs to you guys!!!

Jan B said...

With our Charlie it helps to have the actual food product labels, like the front cover to a box of Macaroni and Cheese instead of pictures.

We have found that when Charlie has these reactions that are way out of proportion to something that should be a simple choice, frequently it is because he wants more than he can say. Sometimes it is as simple as wanting a Zoo Pals plate or a blue cup, but he can't articulate that.

Hang in there. Things do get better eventually.

Mamaroo said...

Like Jan suggested we used to use the actual pictures. Like a particular yogurt I would print a picture of the actual product right from the internet web page and laminate and use that instead of the pecs. Also what helped for us was to put a vlecro strip right on the fridge with the choices of things he may want in the fridge and under the cupboard I put another strip of choices from there. When I thought Roo would want something, I would help him locate the picture and hand over hand have him peel it off the fridge and say the word on the picture. The "yes" and "no" we still have a hard time with so I don't have too much to offer there, but I hope something I wrote may have helped a bit. Keep at it, he will get it!

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

I remember days like this! hang in will find what works for you and K.C.!