Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trip To The Airport- Williams Gateway Airport

This morning we had to make a trip to the airport. Yesterday we had a pretty good dust storm and a few sprinkles. We haven't had a good rain here in ages. The weather has been hot and humid now that "monsoon" is in. On the way to the airport K.C. noticed a few rain drops on the windshield and started screaming his head off and kicking the back of my seat. I had to turn the wipers on to see and that made it worse. The wipers made him throw his hands over his ears and scream. Weird because I have been praying for rain and now I wished it would stop! After 15 minutes it did stop and K.C. quieted down. When he's screaming I have to say absolutely nothing to him because my words make it that much worse.
When we got to the airport we sat down outside the gates and watched the flights coming in and out while we waited for the boys daddy. While we waited we saw a Harrier Jet being worked on . K.C. wasn't happy about the airport and we left as soon as the boys daddy found us. No rain the ride home, K.C. was happy.


Donetta said...

Come visit me I have something for you.

Funny "infidel" very funny got a chuckle!

Donetta said...

Hay look down my page you have been given an award!

Melissa H said...

Tina, so much of what you say reminds me of Conor not so long ago. You've watched Conor's language progress, but before he had a lot of words he used to do the same exact thing with the windshield wipers and the rain. He would scream over and over, "NO RAIN! NO RAIN!" (as if I had any control over that)
I used to have to just pull over and wait for it to stop. It has got to be a sensory overload on our kids in some way.
Have hope, my dear friend.