Friday, July 20, 2007

Tonsils/Emotions/Harry Potter

Just a quick update on what we have been up to. Big Brother has had strep and finally after all this time the ENT Dr. is going to remove his tonsils on August 9th! Thank goodness! Big Brother has been taking penicillin to get rid of the Strep. He's feeling much better:)
I got the boys school registrations in the mail (already), looks like it will be back to school shopping for us near the end of this month or very beginning of next month.
An Autistic little boy drown this week in Glendale, AZ. He and his class were going on a field trip and as they were boarding the bus there was some sort of incident with another student outside the bus. The little Autistic boy who was already seat belted in his seat unfastened his belt and simply walked away while the teachers were dealing with the other student on the outside of the bus. The Autistic child wandered away and drown in a canal nearby. A man working on the opposite side of the street seen the boy go down into the canal and ran to jump in and help but it was too late.
Heartbreaking :( It reminds me of how K.C. wanders and I am always scared to death he'll wander away from me somehow or the school won't watch him well enough. I worry he'll be left on the bus, gosh it scares me to death.
Yesterday K.C. did something that was a first! He was walking around in the living room, his face looked as though he was thinking, thinking hard. He sat on the couch and made the saddest face and his lip started quivering and he cried and cried. I have never ever seen him have this emotion. Sure I have seen him cry but to see him think, turn his lips into an upside down frown and cry was incredible. He seemed so "real" if that makes any sense? Its hard to explain but I know that some of the Autism mommies out there know what I am talking about. I hugged him gently and said, "K.C. is sad." He let me hug him! I am not sure what triggered it, it was just so incredible. The emotion I seen on his face- Big Brother was also floored. He hugged him too and I started crying which made Big Brother cry. I know it seems like a little thing but it was so real and huge for us.
Weather here has been very hot. We have been indoors quite a bit. I remember when lora and Griffin were living in Alaska during Winter time they were indoors alot too. It's kinda like that right now for us as well only we are indoors because it's so darn hot. It sure can wreak havoc on a person moods. I am trying to stay as upbeat as possible but it's not easy. I want to live somewhere that the boys can see all four seasons. Here in AZ. there are two season (seems like it anyways) hot Summer and a very warm Winter. On a happy note we did get some sprinkles here tonight! That was a nice change! I opened the door so that K.C. and Big Brother could see it rain. It has not rained here in the longest time!
Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for (at least Big Brother) Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows will be released! We are thrilled! We have every one of the books and have waited for this day for the longest time! I promised Big Brother we would have a small party in honour of the release of the book. He wants an ice cream cake and that sounds fine with me, but I have to find something K.C. will enjoy as well. I think K.C. likes Harry Potter as well because when we do read it out loud (taking turns with Big Brother) he seems happy :)
Time for me to catch up on your blogs, I am going to go read now, bye bye:)


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Just wanted to let you know I haven't disappeared but opted to go private instead... send me an email to if you'd like to be added.



kristina said...

Too sad about that other child. Why was there not enough supervision for all the children....... Charlie has had moments of sudden, sad, crying too. I too am often not able to figure it out---I just try to sit by and hug him.

Hoping for cooler temperatures!

Melissa H said...

Oh, Tina. What an amazing breakthrough for KC. It must have been bittersweet to see. Even though Conor is verbal, he sometimes does that too. He'll just get sad, his lip will quiver and then he'll cry. When I ask him what's wrong during these times, he never tells me. Maybe he doesn't know why, either.

Harry Potter party: how about making a pizza with vegan cheese? There are some pretty good melting soy cheeses out there. Vegan Gourmet makes a good mozzarella. Or, you can look in the frozen section of the health food store and buy Tofutti non-dairy pizza. It's parve, too!!

And, Walmart now sells a rice vanilla ice cream called So Delicious (and it IS!). You could get that and make a cake instead of buying an ice cream cake. :-)

I have all sorts of non-dairy recipes for you!

Mom without a manual said...

I am sad just picturing his tears. Hugs to all of you!

JUST A MOM said...

OH Tina ,, and another child today. I think of you often! Cool about the crying,, I have not had autisum BUT I have dealt wtih other issues where REAL crying breakthroughs are cool

Niksmom said...

Tina, sounds like it's been a pressure cooker (sorry for the bad pun!) w/the strep and the weather and the worry. I was very moved by the tears you all shared. That is a HUGE moment. Wish I could send you some cool weather!

Lora said...

It scares the hell out of me too that Griffin will wander off while at school or on a field trip, this is why I volunteer to go on field trips when his class goes. I just have a hard time trusting other people with my child. I think that I am going to get the Care Trak child monitoring system, I can send you some info on it if you would like.

That is so cool that K.C. did that, I mean it is cool because it is a breakthrough for him but it is sad at the same time because he felt sad. It is so good that he allowed you to console him and give him hugs.

I understand what it is like to be held hostage inside your house because of the weather, as you mentioned Griffin and I are all too familiar with it. Try to keep busy, I know that it is hard otherwise you will go stir crazy and have a horrible case of cabin fever. Most people don't even consider how bad it is to be couped up in the house with kids but it can be extremely agitating and nerve wracking. I wish for you guys to be able to occupy yourselves during this time and to find ways to keep cool.

We love you bunches, hugs and smiles!

redheadmomma said...

re: KC's crying. What an amazing, teachable moment! Wow! I remember when we were in the car and Noah was watching the disney singalong songs "when you wish upon a star" and it was a slow song where they say goodbye to mickey & minney. He just starts to SOB! I'm like, "what the hell?" and pull over - and it's just that it made him sad! Those are great moments because you can label the emotions - it's so hard to teach emotions if those emotions aren't exactly happening...

A Bishops wife said...

This is my biggest and greatest and most horrid fear!!!!

My Junior will begin kindergarten==maybe--in August. I posted numerous times how I fear they will allow him to wander off.

My neice is a teacher in the school system he will attend. She has told me horror stories. She said they are not trained for these kids, nor do they have time for them. His "K" teacher told me that too. She said she will have 28 kids in her class. Junior is not potty trained. He CAN do it but has to be prompted.

I wonder if it is leaglly okay to keep him home?