Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A walk to the park.

A very hot day today, triple digits. We are getting cabin fever here, decided to go for a walk (a very quick walk). 110 degrees today, oy vey! I am learning to upload videos and will post a couple more soon. Hope everyone is doing well!


Niksmom said...

Love the shot of KC removing his socks! Just like my Nik... :-)

JUST A MOM said...


Eileen (aka Mamaroo) said...

K.C. is getting so big. He looks so grown up.

I am still praying for some cooler weather for you.

Donetta said...

Hello, I wonder if we are neighbors can you email me at djonas@cox.net.
Maybe you and the boys could come over for a play date.
He sure looks good in yellow.

Lora said...

Great photos of K.C., he is getting so big and he is so darn handsome!