Saturday, September 08, 2007

Our trip to the museum and main street. part 1

I took the boys to the Mesa Southwest Museum today. Big Brother wanted to go so badly because they have a "panning for gold" activity for children. I wondered if K.C. would be able to handle it and decided that yes, he probably would for a short time. We entered the museum and as you walk through the doors there is this huge Mastodon display. I noticed that as we waited in line to pay for admission he seemed o.k., the only thing that looked to be bothering him was the lights. He squinted the whole way through the museum, put his head down and hands over his eyes at one point. I mentioned to Big Brother that we should go outside to the panning for gold and he agreed. K.C. loved the water and the rocks (sand and fools gold) that was outside. He looked so relaxed running his hands through the water, he could care less about panning for anything. After we panned for gold we went back inside to have a look at the meteor display Big Brother wanted to see again. As we stopped to look K.C. pinched my arm and I knew it was time to go. We started to head out of the museum and I made a wrong turn (the place was pretty big three floors) and K.C. must have thought we weren't going to leave because he pinched me the whole time it took to find our way out. His face looked panicky, I told him "outside" and we were in about two minutes. Major meltdown avoided! On the way home he K.C. fell asleep and Big Brother admired his fools gold. Next Friday the museum is having a costume night, "Night at the Museum." You come as your favorite character from the movie. Big Brother is dying to go, we will see if I can get my Mom to look after K.C. I took some photos (alot of photos) but will have to post in two separate posts so they will all fit.

More photos and post below.


Donetta said...

I figured out what sarrc was , and no I have not been there. Must of been someone else.
Our kids special needs are not autism. The have a mixed bag of sensory stuff and Dash's hearing impaired.
My kids Love to go to get gold! :) Next Friday night sounds like a lot of fun.

Lora said...

I love the pictures and the video, your two guys look like they were having a great time and not to mention how handsome they are. They are both getting so big! I think that you are such a great mommy for taking them out to the museum like that and letting them do some exploring.

Melissa H said...

I totally get the bright light thing. There are certain days where Conor instantly puts on one of his 3 pairs of sunglasses that he keeps in the car and then they stay on, no matter where we go that day. Most people chuckle and say, "Isn't that cute" without actually knowing that he's not trying to be "cool" but is simply avoiding the lights, but that's okay.
And, wow look at Big Brother's mohawk in that picture by the human skeleton!!!

KC's Blog said...

He loves his mohawk :)

A Bishops wife said...

What great pictures! Is school continuing to go well?
You have beautiful children.