Monday, August 31, 2009

The Hand Watcher

This is what Big Brother has been calling me lately. Let me explain.

KC will not keep his hands out of his pants period. From front to back, me catching him, washing his hands, stopping him (trying to not make a big deal out of it or he'll do it more) even does it in the store or wherever he wants. Then I have AdMan Adam, "my pincher." Watching both boys hands has become quite tough. Adam is easier to stop but KC is alot harder and more obvious. Anybody have any ideas? Clothing etc? It seems ever since we have been trying to get him out of his diapers so he's totally using the toilet and Big Boy underwear he won't stop with the hands.

On an awesome note, his teacher reports that on Friday he used the toilet 4 times, no diapers! We are so close to being out of the diapers during the day, I mean totally not using them during the day! I'm so proud of him!


Niksmom said...

No solutions for you; we're facing the same challenge with Nik! :-/

My only thought is to try to give him some sort of "fidget" that you can maybe attach to a belt loop or something to redirect him when he goes for the pants?

Please let me know if you find a good solution!

mommy~dearest said...

That is so fantastic! I have goosebumps.

Do you think the hands-in-the-pants has anything to do with the feel of his clothing on "sensitive areas"? Maybe try switching undies to start- briefs to boxers, or boxer-briefs?

One idea that my work uses, is to have the person wear like a one piece item of clothing (like a unitard) under their clothes. I don't really like that idea because it's difficult for bathroom trips and such.

Idea 2- Stock up on overalls, coveralls, and any other "alls".

Idea 3- Use duct tape like Niksmom. :)

Melissa H said...

If you figure it out, let me know! Conor is the same way! He can't seem to keep his hand off of his... know. Then, he tells me, "It's long!", to which I have to bite my tongue not to laugh as I tell him, "Well, stop touching it and then it won't be long." :-D

Casdok said...

C also did this. Changing underwear hepled abit. But constantly stopping him eventually worked. Good luck!
Ecellent news on the toileting front!

kristi said...

Yep, TC does this too. UGH. :)

Lora said...

Yahoo! I am so glad that he is so close to being toilet-trained. The only idea that I have is if you found some overalls or coveralls where he cannot get his hands down in his pants (?) What do ya think?
Did you get my e-mail?

Love & Hugs to all