Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Brother broke his leg

(Yes, that is a frozen food dinner he's eating, thank God for frozen food every now and then, especially on hectic days.)

Yep, I knew all those trips to the skate park would come back and bite us one day...three days ago to be exact. I take Big Brother to the skate park once a week, sometimes twice for his, "fun day." He's a skateboard junkie.

Things didn't go too well for him that day at the park. Somehow as he was going up a very high ramp, he didn't gain enough momentum to make it up and I watched in horror yes horror and thought to myself, "oh God this is going to hurt." As he tried to reach the top he knew he wasn't going to make a quickly turned the skateboard to head back down but turned to quickly and fell all the way down onto his head with his leg slamming down behind him. I was already down into the skate area running to him as kids started gathering asking him if he was o.k. He wasn't getting up so I knew it was bad. We tried to pull him to a standing position but he couldn't put any weight on it. I piggy backed him to the van, went home, picked up his insurance card and money for the co pay (gosh co pays suck) noticed K.C. and AdMan were doing fine with our helper friend and we left.

To make a long story a bit shorter, he broke one bone in his foot. We went to the Ortho doctor this morning and got a permanent cast. Why the ER gave us a weird cast I have no idea. I am lad that we went to the Ortho cause he knew what he was doing. So Big Brother will not be skating for a month.

At home life has been very difficult and busy. Our helper friend is staying full time to help me with all the boys. It's weird saying that cause poor Big Brother hardly ever needs help bless his heart. I feel so bad for him. He loves playing outside so much. K.C. and I did pull him around in the wagon yesterday. He did get some fresh air. K.C. and Adam have been in a sort of cranky moods cause of the change. K.C. spent nearly half the day trying to tear his cast off and I spent most of that day trying to stop him and distract him. He got so mad his nose was running his hair was full of sweat and he was so confused and seemed terrified. He did finally give up. Big Brother gives his cruthces to K.C. when K.C. approaches him. K.C. likes the crutches thank goodness.

Well I am off to bed, it's midnight here. Long day, need rest. Nighty.


Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Wow Tina! May he have a speedy and complete recovery! Hard to believe it was only a year ago that our CZ was in a wheelchair with his broken leg. I'm so happy for you that you have help. It's wonderful that KC will take his brother around - how nice for both of them.

Kids heal fast and he'll be skating (carefully) before you know it.

Love, me

Melinda said...

oh my! I hope everyone takes good care of themselves and big brother's leg heals up very quickly! Hang in there!

Casdok said...

Poor Big Brother. Hope he mends soon. And hope Adam and K.C. get used to the change.
Glad you are having more help as you certainly have your hands full!

JUST A MOM said...

ouch big time... poor big brother.. I have never liked those parks myself but I am old and that statement just shows it.... hope he is feeling better and the reason they do not put a cast on it at the er is because of the swelling... they wait till it goes down by the time you get to the other doctor as I know it.. but I am no doctor... huggsss

Mrs. C said...

Just thanking God you had a helper there just then. I know things would have been very bad otherwise.


Hope he feels better very soon!

kristi said...

Hope this month goes by fast for you all!

Niksmom said...

Oof! Sending hugs and good wishes for a speedy recovery...for ALL of you! xo

Lora said...

That is terrible Tina. Poor guy must be feeling so bad. It is going to be hard for him to stay away from the activities that he loves so much. I am glad that you have your helper full time, you deserve to have help and to get a break once in awhile. I will write soon. Love and hugs to all of you guys.

Brenda Heisler said...

So sorry he got hurt. Kids sure do find ways to hurt themselves. Hope he recovers fast. Summer will soon be here and he'll want to run and jump again.

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PS: I hope bb's leg is better soon xxx

Donetta said...

Just thought of you, hope your all well.

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Poor Big Brother. I hate that he has to go through this especially since it is hard for K.C. to understand.

Peggy Lou Morgan