Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Updates (UP!) Bragging..

Hello Friends,

It's been awhile since I last wrote and finally have time to sit down and write a little bit about the boys. K.C., my youngest little boy who has Autism (for any new readers who may not know) is doing very well. He is in a very good program at school and comes home happy almost everyday. He had been sick with Asthma and the school nurse called saying she needed his tubing so she could give him a treatment. I left his tubes at school and kept some at home. He's doing much better now. Sometimes the air quality is just so icky out there.

His teacher says he's doing quite well at school and he is going to be working on tracing horizontal and vertical lines in hopes that he will soon be tracing his own name soon. At K.C.'s school during lunch time, 6 students, this includes K.C. sit down and eat together. We have been working very hard on daily living skills and it is so paying off. He now sits at the table WITH people and eats! Can you believe it? Not too many months ago this little boy couldn't even sit at the table with his Big Brother. He would grab at Big Brothers plate and throw it, scream and was just not a happy little boy. He also will take his plate or bowl to the SINK and put it in when he's finished without being asked too. This didn't happen overnight though, I really believe that the school he is now is a major factor. He's learning when he's happy.

His teacher reported that K.C.'s class has been going to music class with the
regular ed students! Each child has an aide with him the whole time, always within reach. So far K.C. is doing great! My little boy is participating with a regular class! On the way back from music class his teacher says K.C. wants to touch each classroom door or open it, the classes have students in them and his teacher has to tell him, "no." He gets angry so his teacher called me yesterday and said that from now on when K.C. walks back from music class she will give him something to carry that requires both hands so he can't touch or open doors. I thought it was a very good idea. Knowing K.C, he won't put whatever it is that he is holding down and he might keep walking. Headbanging has been rare (I hope I didn't jinx myself) and I pray that they stop altogether but realize that they also might not stop and appreciate the good times even more. His Adaptive P.E. coach said she has been working with K.C. on the word, "freeze!" If K.C. can learn this word each time someone places their hands on his shoulders when he hears the word "freeze" it would be so helpful to me! I can think of alot of situations that word would come in handy! She also is working on running with K.C. K.C. doesn't run and I am not sure he even knows how too but we are working on it. Eating has been an issue. He eats alot of the same food and I mean alot. I am going to try to cut back on how much he is eating because it's all carbs and it's like a food addiction to him. He is now 92 pounds at 7 years old. I have to do something about it now or he'll just continue to gain. If anyone has any ideas on how to get K.C. away from carbs that he is so addicted too please pass on the info. Seriously he is addicted to carbs and eats so much that he throws up. I try to stop him from eating so often and boy does he get mad. I usually give in to him because I don't want to see him head bang and hurt himself. The teacher says he still eats mostly with his hands and uses a spoon or fork only sometimes. He can use a spoon and a fork but he's not very good at it and prefers to use his hands. He's trying very hard and I am so proud of him.

I have some very exciting news. Last night Big Brother and I was going through some videos of the kids playing at the park. I noticed that in one video as K.C. was climbing to go up to go down a slide I swear I heard him say, "up!" Now I have proof cause I caught it on tape. I keep asking myself, did her really say, "up?" I'd like to know what you all think, please listen to the video as he goes up the slide and see if you can tell if he is saying a word or just babbling. K.C. has said "Mama" one time in the past and that was the only time I ever heard him speak. He hasn't spoke since. I used to question myself if I really did hear him say "Mama" or not and know in my heart that he did.

Big Brother has been into football so much this month, he's really interested! I was very surprised because he has almost always disliked sports and would rather do "a science experiment." He changing big time. In the afternoons and on weekends I take Big Brother to practice with a group of children who is his age and about the same size. His coach has been great. He's patient, encouraging and "awesome" as Big Brother says. This pop warner group is a group of boys from our neighborhood. It's a rough sport and Big Brother loves it! I really believe he releases alot of his frustrations through football. All the children wear protective gear always. Big Brothers coach says that football is safer than soccer, I was so surprised. Big Brother is loving football and is doing well in school.

"Ad-Man" Adam is also doing well. He has really taken an interest in painting with a paint brush. He gets totally lost in painting and is mesmerized by the colors. He mostly paints lines and swirls and they are beautiful in my book. We have been rewarding Adam with "paint time" when he is being such a good guy. He flaps and squeals when he knows its "paint time." He has been getting along with the boys very well. Big Brother and Adam barely notice each other and keep their distances. Big Brother loves being with Adam cause he's older but I kinda think Big Brother likes the idea of being able to help Adam. This morning as we were heading out the door Big Brother stopped and tied Adam's shoes for him. I really touched my heart because Big Brother did it without being asked too. Those are the best moments. I know some folks may feel that when their child has a disability it makes it miserable for the children who are Neurotypical. In our case, in our family I have seen Big Brother grow into a caring, loving and compassionate young man. He has learned so much from having two disabled brothers. (Adam is just like a brother to the boys even though he's actually my little brother.) I love how all the boys are learning so much from each other and I wouldn't want it any other way. How could I?

We hope all of you and your beautiful kiddos are well. We will be stopping by and catching up soon!


Mrs. C said...

YES, I heard "up" as well. He speaks rather like Woodjie, very rarely and not very clear. :[ It's hard.

kristi said...

I am glad you all are doing good!!!
TC is heavy too. He will try some new things but not many and his diet is carb loaded as well. His asthma has been horrible this week and we were even up last night doing a breathing treatment at 1 a.m.

Needless to say, this morning was a rough one.

Niksmom said...

Tina, I amthrilled to read all this! It made me cry happy tears! So many great things going on and such great progress.

I *totally* think KC said "up" as he was going up the slide. That's how Nik used to do it, too.

One thought about the eating situation might be to try to encourage more use of spoon/fork. Let KC have what he wants but tell him (and help him) he has to use the spoon/fork. He'll fight at first but I think he'll start to catch on. That will help not only the self-feeding skill but will slow down the consumption rate of food.

You could also try to add some unflavored protein powder to things like mac & cheese (if he eats that) or other foods. I'll email you a link to what I'm talking about. That way, he's getting more protein which will actually help him feel full longer. The carb thing creates a vicious cycle of hunger and cravings.

I hope you'll take some pictures of Adam's paintings and share them with us; I'd love to see them!

And Big Brother? He is such a wonderful kid. You can be so proud of the young man is is and is becoming.

Sending you love and big hugs all the way around. xo

Casdok said...

Yes he definetly said up!!

What a great bragging post, so wonderful to hear everyone is doing so well!
Well done you!

kristina said...

oh no, asthma!???! I used to have that. That "up" is so exciting.

Is there any way to slowly introduce new foods (fruits, vegetables!) into KC's meals? Maybe by slowly pairing something (grapes?) with the carbs and the getting him just to eat a little?

Donetta said...

Oh girl he said up! oh yes he sis!
Wow how fantastic!
Carbs ???mostly finger food? Try other things that are served as finger food. Similar textures or smells or colors to see if it hits on something.
I am so happy things are going so well. I am just so happy for you.

LAA and Family said...

I heard "up" as well! Watching KC in this reminds me so much of my friend's boy.. and he would have said "up" just like this too!

Mass consumption of carbs is an issue with my boy as well (I just told him he could go get a Rice Krispie treat too!). I try to sneak in slices of lunchmeat and cheese sticks for snacks here and there. I made eggs for breakfast this morning. He likes carbs, carbs, carbs.. the crunchier the better ,though CHHEEWWWYY ones are fun for him too!

Lora said...

Sorry I have not been by lately, I am so very glad that the boys are all doing so well. K.C. definitely said "up" and that is so exciting! I miss hearing from you and I hope that you are doing very well also.

Griffin eats mostly carbs but I told him NO more junk food and bless his heart, he has no problem with it BUT....his diet remains the same....no veggies and little meat and the bulk of it is carbs.

We still love you guys and send tons of hugs!

JUST A MOM said...

OH MY GOODNESS I love hearing how good yoru all doing,, do you still have the helper? I so hope she is still around.... Tina I am so happy for you and it sounds like you have some peace..... Big Brother is such a gift such a great young man. How is your fathers health? I hope he is doing well. Thanks for sharing... and yes it is an UP

mommy~dearest said...

Awesome to hear the updates! I am so happy that KC is doing so well in school- I wish I had suggestions for his eating though, but my son's a carb addict too, and gaining fast (thanks, Risperdal).

I love hearing about Big Brother's interactions with Adam, and I'd like to see Adam's paintings too! I love swirls.

A Bishops Wife said...

I am very happy things are going so well.

Princess Fiona said...

Wow, 'up' was so clear I thought it was you saying it! Great news.