Sunday, November 18, 2007

McDonald's for lunch time.

K.C. and I walked to McDonald's today, the weather was really nice.
My little guy, who is not so little anymore (74 pounds and 49 inches tall, 4 feet 1 inch tall) he is one big 6 year old!
At McDonald's I ordered french fries for him and helped him choose his own drink. He is able to put his cup under the Sprite label and I press the button as he holds the cup. He loves Sprite!
He sat so very nicely in McDonald's with only 2 very loud outbursts. I call them outbursts because they seem to occur for know reason that I can see. He will suddenly make a very loud screech followed but another loud screech. A Mom and her son who were sitting across from us (I always try to pick a table away from people but they always seem to find us and sit near us.) I only pick tables away from people because I know K.C. has these outbursts. I try to put myself in his shoes. If I had outbursts I couldn't control I wouldn't want people staring at me either. When he did screech, the Mom and son stared, then the Mom stopped but the little boy kept staring. She noticed him staring and tapped his shoulder and whispered something in his ear. Oh well.
The boys Daddy is in town and Big Brother and him Have been doing lots of stuff together. Their Daddy gave them both haircuts, I didn't like the haircut he gave K.C. because I have been trying to grow his hair out over his ears since the headbanging and hair pulling has been less and less.
Tonight we are going to have a bar b que and Big Brother asked if we could roast Marshmallows when the food is finished. This is an activity both boys enjoy. Big Brother will eat his but K.C. won't. He just likes being able to roast them. I have to be extra, extra, careful because he'll try reaching into the fire if we are not careful.
Last night we were able to go for a walk as well. Our neighbor who lives just across the way hung Christmas Lights out and K.C. loved looking at them. They were really pretty :)


Donetta said...

It sounds like your have good days. I am so happy for your boys. That grocery store thing is a hassle to all kids. I hope you continue to thrive. Do something just for you.
Be Embraced

Casdok said...

My son does loud screeches to, so i know how it feels when people stare.
Roasting marshmallows! Sounds like fun!

mommy~dearest said...

All too familiar with roasting marshmallows! Jaysen roasted a whole bag of them (he won't eat them either), and the rest went into a marshmallow-bowl! Hey, a mom can only eat so many!

redheadmomma said...

I'm sure the mom told her kid to stop staring at KC, that it isn't nice. Which is a good thing to teach kids in my book.


A Bishops wife said...

I wrote awhile back about "the streing and remarking adults"...they are strang aren't they.

When I was a kid my mom use to let us roast marshmellows on a fork over the stove. She watched us of course. It was a treat. I would be afraid mine would try when we were not looking so I have not done that with my kids.

Melissa H said...

Hard to remember in the moment (don't I know this), but remember: people stare at things that they don't understand and are trying to figure out. They don't mean to be rude. They just don't understand, especially kids, particularly because KC is such a big boy and exhibiting behaviors that are usually extinguished in toddlerhood. (isn't it so much harder, now that they do this and they're so big?!?)
It doesn't make it any easier in the moment but at least the mom tried to give you respect and told her son not to stare. I have gotten to the point now where I have no problem telling someone who is staring that my son has autism. It seems to soften their face and creates some sort of an understanding, even if it is pity. At least it isn't rude judgement. We can only change perception one person at a time. I'm actually thinking of buying a necklace or something that I could wear when I'm out with Conor so that people will not even have to wonder/ask. The harsh what kind of parent are you looks wouldn't be on top of whatever meltdown I'm dealing with from Conor. Know what I mean?!?

Lora said...

Tina, you are such a wonderful mother and so patient and understanding to the needs of your children and especially good at putting yourself in their shoes. I think that Melissa had a very good point because I do the same by telling others that my son is autistic, it always helps them to be more compassionate and understanding.....people fear what they do not understand. You are a loving mother and it always shows through. We love you guys so much and send you lots of hugs!!!!!