Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Did I jinx myself?

Did I jinx myself in my last post when I said, "K.C.'s hair pulling and headbanging has become less?" This morning was horrible.

It all started as we were getting ready to leave the house to drop Big Brother off at school. Our morning routine is I drop Big Brother off and then we head to K.C.'s bus stop. K.C. did not want to leave the house, actually I should say he didn't want to turn his t.v. off. He always watches t.v. in the morning when I finish getting him dressed. I turned his t.v. off and that was all it took. He flew into hysterics. He ran back to the t.v. and switched it on, when he switched it on, there was a commercial he can't stand to hear that made he run to the closet and shut the door. When he heard the commercial end, he came out, but from that point on it all went downhill.

I managed to get him out to the car, wasn't easy since he was pulling the opposite direction and screaming his head off. Big Brother looked very frustrated and kept repeating, "I'm going to be late because of him!" Finally got them both into the car, K.C. kicking the back of my seat, Big Brother trying to reach over and put his hand over K.C.'s legs so I could actually drive, Big Brother somehow getting hit or kicked in the nose, nose stared bleeding on his WHITE school uniform top. I am trying to find a safe spot to pull over and try to regain control of K.C. just before I find a spot, Big Brother is so upset cause his uniform is dirty, nose hasn't stopped bleeding and he hits K.C. on the top of the head, HARD. Now K.C. is hitting himself in the head and is trying to pull his own hair out.

Found a safe spot to pull over and sit in the backseat with both boys, I have to hold K.C.'s hands because he is in full beat himself in the head mode. We all sat, listening to K.C. screeches and finally after about 15 minutes he calmed down. The backseat of my car looked like a murder scene. Big Brother whispers, "let's just go home Mom, I can't go to school like this and I am too upset." We did just that. I let Big Brother ride in the front seat with me praying I wouldn't get into an accident (passenger airbag) but figure if we kept driving like we were, we were probably going to get into an accident anyways. When we got home I called the schools and (it was too late, K.C.'s bus had already come and gone) to let them know the kids would be out today.

K.C. has been completely out of sorts today. He's been touching everything once as he walks by and looks very anxious. I just don't know what's wrong with him today, I feel like we are back to square 1. Just when you think things are getting better.
Thank God there is no school tomorrow!


redheadmomma said...

Do you have bigbrother in a sibshop? My heart just broke for him in this story, and I bet he'd really get a lot of connecting with other kids with special needs siblings. I'm so sorry it was such a tough day.


mcewen said...

If I had to count the number of times I've had to pull over.....come to think of it I can't count that high. If it's any consolation, my worst trip was pulling over 32 times.
Happy thanksgiving, hope you manage a little down time

Lora said...

My heart is with you and I am sorry that you had such a rough day, thank goodness they are not all that least that is what I think when Griffin is going through his difficult and challenging moments. I hope that you guys have a good day off together and that things go smoothly for you. I am going to write to you now, love, hugs, and smiles!!!

Donetta said...

Oh girl what a hellish nightmare of a start to your day! I am so sorry to hear that he is so bothered and the impact this must have on you dear heart and of course on big brother. I wish peace for your family .
I hope your Thanksgiving offers much joy.
Just a thought did he happen to eat anything odd that he could of been allergic too? Just a though.

JUST A MOM said...

poor thing wonder what set him off. hope tomorrow is better.

Casdok said...

Oh dear.
Can i just say Big Brother sounds brillient!
Maybe K.C. was out of sorts all day as his routined changed as he didnt go to school? Or maybe he is about to come down with something?
I find with my son that he has cycles of about 6 months. 6 months horrendous headbanging and then 6 months a bit less.
Hope you are all ok.

Melissa H said...

Aw, Tina. :-( Those days are so hard. I'm so sorry for ALL of you. Hope you are having a blessed Thanksgiving today.

Anonymous said...

so sorry. it's painful to not know what may be going on inside KC's mind and body. you are all in my thoughts. xx

Niksmom said...

Tina, I hope things calmed down and you managed to have a good day at home with both your wonderful boys.

I forget who, maybe VAB from Autista, commented to me once that he used to see what looked like steps back happening just before some major leap forward. Hopefully that is the case with KC?

Sending you guys love and hugs. xoxo

Melinda said...

it is interesting how they have what appear to be periods of adjustment.....where they go forward quite well for a bit and then back a step or two. No fear....he will move forward again!