Monday, June 25, 2007

6 years old, 4 feet tall

I measured K.C. last night very quickly as he was standing against the wall. With a quick pencil mark on the wall just above his head, he is exactly 4 feet tall. This little guy is growing up so quickly, like a little weed.
I took K.C. swimming last night minus Big Brother who is in San Mateo CA. this week, all week with his dad. K.C. had a blast all by himself, kicking his feet and drinking the water (I am doing my best to get him to stop this.) It's been triple digits here all week!
K.C. woke up very early last night, 3 a.m. in fact and hasn't been back to sleep yet and shows no signs of being tired. He laughed hysterically most of all the time he was up last night. I have no idea what he was laughing at but one thing for sure, thank God he wasn't crying! I must have been very tired last night because his laughter started to creep me out after awhile last night. He was just staring off into space, laughing and laughing.
He was one happy kiddo!


Jan B said...

Oh, we have had those nights with Charlie. I dread it when he does that. It is about every two weeks, then he will be completely unable to sleep for about two nights. It is horrible. Even if they're happy, it's still tiring for me.

JUST A MOM said...

haha i think after a bit i would get wigged too. enjoy your night swimming

Sam I Am said...

It is creepy when they do that laugh thing. Sam has been known to do that also, and I swear he even gets this little interesting sparkle in his eye when does it like he is up to something. You really do wonder what they are laughing about during those times, but as you said. Thank God it wasn't screaming! Happy to hear you had some time alone together. Those times are very important!!!!!

kristina said...

What is it about 3am? Charlie has woken up then and stayed wide awake and just fallen asleep again around 7.30am------and then has to be waken to catch the bus! Hope it cools off a bit for all of you.

Lora said...

OMG, I remember those days before the Clonidine when Griffin would wake up like that or stay up all night long, I sure do feel for you I know that it's no fun going through that. K.C. is growing up so fast, what a big guy he is getting to be.