Friday, April 13, 2007

Sensory Based Program

K.C.'s teacher says the program for Autism that K.C. will be attending in August is called a Sensory Based Program. I am going to be learning more about this program but welcome any comments in regards to the program. Do you Mom's or Dad's have you kiddos in a Sensory Based Program and has it worked well for you kiddos? I am a bit nervous for K.C. but he does have alot of sensory issues so this program may be ideal for him. The second picture is of K.C.'s monitor on the bus. I asked his permission to take the picture and he said it was o.k. He's a big fella and the nicest guy. K.C. seems to really like him. He takes quick glances in his direction and has a half smile when the monitor greets him. Things are going well so far at school. Big Brother has completed his testing but we won't know the results until September :( He was really excited about it. Lately Big Brother has been requesting "Pho" to eat almost every night and for Breakfast! He has been eating and putting the spiciest stuff in his food (just like his Daddy does). It actually rained here last night can you believe it? K.C. watched the rain (it's rare here when it does rain) and I let him walk into the back yard for a minute or two to get wet. It's been really warm here!

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Lora said...

It sounds good to me, have never heard of it but nevertheless it seems like it would be a great program. I am so glad that K.C. has a good monitor on the bus, that must help you to feel better I know that it makes me feel better to know that Griffin has a great monitor on his bus. Big Brother is really coming into his own isn't he? You really must be so proud of the young man that he has become. Glad you got some rain, I love walking in the warm rain too! Love you guys ~Hugs~