Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday KC

Happy Birthday to you KC! You are 9 years old and 4 feet 6 inches tall, 101 pounds! You are changing quickly I have noticed. The hair on your arms and legs is getting longer and darker and much to your big brothers (oh mom that's not fair I'm older and I want arm pit hair!) attitude you are growing up faster than your big brother! You both are the same height now. Big Brother is worried about that. He wants to be very tall but his Daddy is only 5 feet 5 inches and Biological Mom is 5 feet 3 inches. KC may be taller because of my side of the family.

You can do many things for yourself now. You can pull your shoes on by yourself and socks too but always put them on the wrong feet, same with clothes. If they are inside out backwards etc. you don't notice at all and will wear them like that if I let you. You carry your dishes to the sink sometimes without me asking you too. Sometimes you throw your spoons and plates in the trash. It's hard to know what your thinking. You know many signs now. Sign language and hand pulling are your primary ways to communicate. Words never came to you and I am sad about it. Of the couple words I heard you say once they never came again. Never. I know they are in your head I can see you trying to think things through. We won't give up! Speech therapy will always be in your future cause I know it's possible cause I have heard it!

We had an extremely frightening day a month ago. I've not mentioned it to anyone. I'm still very unsure as to what I should do. I'm scared to mention it to your therapists. You were watching a Disney video on the computer and I was in the kitchen. I heard you scream a little and I new that was the "I'm getting angry" scream. I came into the living room and checked out your area and you too. I asked you, "what's wrong?" You looked frantic. I thought if I let you alone it would pass. Big mistake. You came into the kitchen and screamed super loud in my face and pulled your hair out. I have never seen you this mad in my life ever. To look at me in the eye without breaking eye contact for more than 2 seconds is just something you do not do. Even though I had REAL eye contact and I could totally see the boy without Autism in you at that moment, it vanished. You went straight to the kitchen sink and sat in the living room screaming with a butter knife in your hand. I don't know what to make of it. I don't want to think you want to hurt me. I put the butter knives away for good. Since them you have been o.k.

I did notice a couple wks after you got a fever but no other symptoms like coughing or runny nose. What I did notice this time was that when ou were sick you were more with it. You seemed to have better eye contact and strangely more calmer. Two very strange episodes. If anyone has any ideas please pass them on for KC's sake?

You let me hug you as much as I want these days and I am happy as ever for that! I can even say, "hug" and you walk backwards into me and let me hug you. No straight forward hugs though only backwards, you are a funny guy.

I was watching the "On Demand" feature on our cable TV service and as I browsed through the list you ran straight to the TV and touched "Shrek." I turned it on straight away and praised you endlessly. Your speech therapist made a list of Disney movies mixed up with regular words and you could pick out 25 Disney movies from that list! I'm thinking you can read I really believe you can no matter what anyone says. I was amazed! Your speech teacher seemed to be not so impressed and though it to be another Autistic Trait. Whatever. You read and I am thrilled. If you can point at a group of words mixed in with regular words and pick your movies by touch that's still reading! It gives me hope!

Ad-man is doing great! I keep him so busy he's hardly home but the thing is you love your routine and stick to it. KC doesn't like to leave the house but you do lately. You pace by the door. We had to beef up our security system because you are tall and able to reach things with ease. You still paint and paint and paint! You are very talented. We still have to help dress you but when you pick up that paint brush you are free! I couldn't even begin to paint like you do. Too bad Mom didn't get to see it.

I will close for now, need to get KC to put his clothes back on. Anytime he sees me get busy he strips and runs around naked. Big Brother said, "oh God mom what if he does that when he's a man?" He's right, I have to keep this kids clothes on him at all times. Hope you all are well and hope I didn't ramble too much! To all our friends much love to you and your families.


Mrs. C said...

Awww... KC sure is growing up!!

No clue what to tell you on the butter knife; I wish I had some advice!!

Niksmom said...

Sending many good thoughts and warm birthday wishes your way for KC.

I think of you guys from time to time and wonder how you are doing, how the boys are all doing. Hoping and praying you have the support you need around you, too.

Wishing you a joyful summer.

Melissa H said...

SO good to hear from you, Tina! Happy birthday to KC! Wow, 9!! They grow so quickly!

I just recently posted a link on Facebook about a boy who didn't speak until he was 5, and just gave his commencement speech at graduation.

Don't you ever give up, TIna!!

As for the fever and the calmness and lucidity, I used to notice that all of the time with Conor and actually posted about it once upon a time. I'm convinced that there is some correlation there.

Lots of love and prayers for you, dear friend! You have been missed!

gretchen said...

Glad to hear from you Tina! I somehow missed your last posting, so was glad to read it also.

I loved reading about all three boys' progress. And you reminded me that there was a time that I said I thought Henry could read, and was shot down by the "experts" who said he was just memorizing and reciting. That's how we all learn to read anyway, isn't it? Henry sure as hell can read now and I'm sure that K.C. will be someday too!

JUST A MOM said...

WOW YOU ARE STILL ALIVE!!!! Good to hear an update on you all. Life DOES GO ON,,,,, I hope you are taking care of YOU at times... The boys are growing up.. my Love to you know I think of you all OFTEN!

Casdok said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like loads of progress! Even the butter knife episode.
There are various theories to fever helping autism-,8599,1889436,00.html

And the hugs! I am so jelous!!! :)

kristina said...

9 years old! And KC has _grown_!

Do you think he's already entering puberty? (Sounds like it perhaps from what you note in the previous post?) Noticed a big increase in things like aggression and anxiety in Charlie when this happened.

Warmest wishes to all of you, so good to hear about you and your boys!