Monday, August 31, 2009

The Hand Watcher

This is what Big Brother has been calling me lately. Let me explain.

KC will not keep his hands out of his pants period. From front to back, me catching him, washing his hands, stopping him (trying to not make a big deal out of it or he'll do it more) even does it in the store or wherever he wants. Then I have AdMan Adam, "my pincher." Watching both boys hands has become quite tough. Adam is easier to stop but KC is alot harder and more obvious. Anybody have any ideas? Clothing etc? It seems ever since we have been trying to get him out of his diapers so he's totally using the toilet and Big Boy underwear he won't stop with the hands.

On an awesome note, his teacher reports that on Friday he used the toilet 4 times, no diapers! We are so close to being out of the diapers during the day, I mean totally not using them during the day! I'm so proud of him!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

KC and The Boys - PEZ Candy

Hi Bloggers,

It's been awhile since I've blogged, been so darn busy with back to school stuff and I had surgery. My Gallbladder was removed, I had a stone in my bile duct and it nearly killed me (pain wise anyway.) I am still recovering and had my staples removed last week. It was two surgeries, one was down my throat to remove the stone in the duct and the other was abdominal. I have been one slow moving Mama and thank God that I had Big Brother as my HUGE helper. While I was recovering I really thought the change would upset Adam and KC tremendously. Guess what? Somehow they sensed I wasn't feeling well and never had a melt down or pinching from Adam. I had only one day to prepare for the surgery so Tacey our helper and I prepped the boys with PECS. It worked wonders! When I got home I let the boys see my staples and all of them did look. I think that also made a difference. Big Brother was disappointed that I couldn't bring the stones home. They were sent to the lab :( Yuck!

All my boys are back in school and doing well. KC had one hair pulling incident at therapy and ripped a total bald spot at the top of his head so we had to shave it yet again. Just when we thought we had the hair pulling beat :(

Ad Man Adam is now shaving with help. I can't believe it. I mean gosh he's not my little brother no more, he's my more grown up little brother. My Mom would be so proud at that strides he is making. (Forgot to mention) after surgery I couldn't get up from a sitting position without help. Adam was in the living room and I extended my hand to him and said, "help me Adam, I can't get up I'm hurt." I swear to you I could not believe what happened next. He stood their looking off as if not to hear me, I started to put my hand down when he held his hand out for me to grab! People can you believe it? He not only extended his hand he pulled as I pulled his arm he pulled back! Yes I cried like a baby. Gosh I love that kiddo!

I used to collect PEZ dispensers as a kid and loved the candy that came with the dispenser as well :)

On a recent visit to KC's Developmental Ped. the nurse working their suggested PEZ candy as a treat (for an ABA incentive).

What's even better they are Gluten and Allergen Free hooray!

The only not so good thing about the dispensers he isn't coordinated enough to load it. Still he loves them even though Mom has to help.

We have been using the candies in his ABA program and he's doing great, (to him they are heaven and worth working for!)

So far he's collected 6 dispensers.

The part I love best is that it's something I loved collecting as a kid and to see my son 'collecting' them too is cool. Maybe I'm not so old school after all?

Big Brother has been playing football and loves it! He's changing so much. He used to be very serious and into Science stuff, but now he's into football. I have also noticed a huge change in how he wants his peers to see him. I am used to holding Adam and KC's hand wherever we go. Me being in the middle in case Adam has a pinching fit. On an outing I had just K.C. and Big Brother as Adam was in his after school Habilitation program. I tried holding Big Brother's hand and he pulled away. I asked him, "what's wrong?" He said, "Mom I'm not a baby anymore and not Autistic." I let him know straight away that I hold his hand cause I love him. Still I see him pulling away especially in front of his football buds. Makes me cry. I am glad that K.C. and Adam will let me hug them, hold their hands and never pull away. Who says Autistic kids can't show affection? I would say they are more affectionate than Big Brother right now! Both boys are non verbal but their body language says it all. My husband doesn't like that I treat K.C. and Adam "like Toddlers." I tell him, "there's nothing wrong with loving your kids at any age and any time."
That includes hugs and kisses from me. Adam went through a very hard transition when Mom died. He needed the extra attention and it hasn't been that long. Adam remembers. He has his favorite photo of Mom in his backpack and he never takes it out or tears it up. I'm very blessed to have two Autistic boys and one non Autistic kiddo.

Hope you are all well and your kiddos are doing super!