Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy Birthday To KC

Happy Birthday to my KC. He is 8 years old.( For Safety Concerns I never post the exact birth date) We had his birthday over the weekend and a beautiful Disney Cars cake. KC has never ate cake and even though we tried to get him to have at least one piece of his birthday cake he would not try. We sang happy birthday to him and things got a little noisy and I could see that he was tuning us out so we kept the party short.
We got alot of good eye contact and smiles at the party. He got a huge box of wooden blocks, books, play dough and Big Brother bought him a mood ring. I asked him, "why do you want him to wear the ring?" And he said, "gosh Mom it's simple, when he wears the ring we will know what kind of mood he's in and we won't have to guess." I thought it was cute. Strangely enough when we put the ring on his finger it showed mixed emotions. Don't know if they really work but it was interesting.
KC has been doing very well. We haven't had a hair pulling or head banging incident in so long! I am keeping my fingers crossed. He has been seizure free and we are so thankful to God for this. KC is signing more, to this day he can sign, thank you, more, finished, yellow, blue, please and dog. I am working very hard to get him to sin, "Mama." I know he will learn it and when he does sign "Mama" you will hear me crying like a baby. Just typing it and imagining it makes me tear up.
Lately KC has been walking straight up to me, looking at me and opening his mouth real wide. I know he's trying to tell me something but don't know what it is. His teeth look okay and I haven't seen any sores in his mouth. It has been a daily thing and when I can't figure out what he wants he gets really frustrated. Maybe I will figure it out soon.
Big Brother is swimming alot and still riding the darn skateboard. It scares me when he rides it but he loves it. Adam got a new bike! We got a three wheeler adult Trike from Trikezilla and it's wonderful! Adam has never been able to ride a bike and I thought maybe he could learn to ride an adult trike. Well he's learning! He is getting there. He's having some trouble pushing and alternating feet. One always slides off and hits the ground. I am going to try to find something to tie around his shoe so that it will stay on the pedal. I don't know if there is such a thing and if there isn't I'll try to come up with something.
We hope you and your families are well and happy. Thank you for stopping by!
Tina and Boys


Niksmom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to our pal, KC! Wow, EIGHT!? Time flies.

So glad he's doing so much better; seizure free is wonderful! I wonder, about the mouth opening, is he trying to tell you he's hungry? One great sign to work on is "yes" -- simply your closed fist nodding like when you nod your head. Once Nik mastered that, it changed our lives! I can now ask yes/no questions and tell Nik to tell me yes if that's what he wants. Works like a charm (most of the time)!

For Adam, you can go to a bike shop and ask them about straps or toe clips to help him keep his feet on. We need to do the same thing for Nik, too.

Hope you are continuing to take good care of yourself, too?! Big hugs to all of you!

JUST A MOM said...

Happy Birthday KC,, love the videos... Keep cool.

Casdok said...

8 wow! Happy birhtday!! Love the mood ring idea of Big Brother!

Melissa H said...

Happy birthday, big boy!! WOW! I think signing is AWESOME and I know that KC will pick it up like a whiz kid. Before you know it, you'll have to take ASL classes to keep up. :-) Love you guys!!

Princess Fiona (according to my husband) said...

Happpy birthday KC and gret to hear his is seizure free.

At our early intervention kinder they have velcro straps on the bikes for the kids, it's so easy the kids even learn to put them on and take them off.

kristina said...

happy happy birthday, KC! Sounds like he is doing so good---sorry I have not visited here in a while; it's great to hear about him doing well and communicating too.

hope you are well---hope Big Brother get out of that cast soon!

Lora said...

KC is such an intelligent boy, it is just a matter of time before he lets you know that he is ready to fully communicate. In fact, I am excited at the possibilities. Adam will get the hang of it, just lots of practice. Keep up the great work woman, you are so awesome!

Max and Me said...

Happy Belated Birthday to KC!

I fell out of the autism blogging world for awhile but now I am back and trying to reconnect with other bloggers. I hope you are doing well and I hope to visit your blog more frequently.

mommy~dearest said...

I'm a bit behind, but Happy Birthday KC!

Hammie said...

Happy Birth-day to you and Birthday to KC. Very Big Deal in our world as the old milestone measuring kicks in...
Celebrate the wins! - don't forget them as our instinct tells us to smudge over the tough times. He is a lovely boy and you are doing amazing work.
Little tip: I buy a shop made character cake (Cars/Bratz etc) and keep it in the fridge for at least 2 weeks after the "party". Then whenever Bratty wants to we play a game with PECS cards requesting candles by color, then light the candle by color (full sentences on the pecs strip) and finally Mummy or Boo Blow the candles, by color. At least half an hour of great "verbal" exchange as she requests each step then enjoys the lit candles and blowing out. keep a glass of water nearby and if he does get a little bit of a burn - you can practice commenting on pain together! (It hurts!, the finger hurts! Ouch) while quickly dipping burnt fingey in the water.

Nice to meet you xx

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