Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday To K.C.

Happy Birthday to you little buddy! K.C., Adam and Big Brother celebrated today with cake, (just wanted it to be the four of us) special ice cream K.C. could eat if he tried and 2 Amy's frozen pizzas that Big Brother and I put into the oven. Even though K.C. won't touch cake or ice cream (he screams bloody murder) he likes to see the candles flickering. I have learned something or should say I have figured out something that K.C. had been trying to tell me. He covers his ears quite a bit, I used to think it was noise or something I couldn't hear that bothered him. Today as I brought the cake to the table he covered his ears alot. I have figured out that it means, "no cake." Or it just means he doesn't like something.

I bought him three new outfits to wear from Target. As Big Brother "helped" blow out K.C.'s candles we handed him his gifts. His Daddy couldn't be here this birthday :( K.C.'s daddy got him savings bonds and a magna doodle. Big Brother handed him the outfits I had bought him and he opened them very slowly then tried to up and leave but I was able to get him back to the table without him getting too angry. When he touched the clothes he IMMEDIATELY began looking for any tags on the shirts. There were tags of course and he totally lost it when he seen the tags. I hurried upstairs to get the scissors (I keep them hidden just in case) and came back down and cut the tags out of the clothes. He was just too angry and it was the kind of angry that I call, "too late he's not going to come back from this one" kind of a anger or frustration. I brought him into the living room away from Adam and Big Brother. Big Brother kept calling, "Mom I am going to cut the cake for us." I let him cut the cake but told him not to annihilate the cake and to use a butter knife. He cut a piece for Adam but he didn't touch it. Adam is pretty much skin and bones:( He just wants waffles all the time. K.C. was still angry but he was crying now and not screaming, a good sign.

I did manage to leave him in the living room and put waffles into the toaster for Adam. When K.C. is in the no turning back mood I don't leave him alone because he will beat himself in the head or hit his head on the floor. It never came to that today and he did pull himself together. I was so proud of Adam because he STAYED at the table with Big Brother the whole time (even through K.C.'s screaming)! Big Hugs for Adam and K.C. :) Even though it may have seemed kind of disaster it really wasn't. Both boys did a wonderful job of keeping it together and I am still so surprised at Adam as I sit here. He surprises me alot. I have found that K.C. and Adam are helping each other in many ways but don't realize it. Like the way K.C. is helping himself more, like the way Adam stayed at the table while I stayed with K.C. Somehow I really feel they totally relate to when they see each other having a very hard time. For them to see that there are other kids that are experiencing the same sort of things that they experience themselves really helps if that makes any sense.

K.C. did sit back down at the table to eat pizza and drink a mango fruit drink. Big Brother and I kept quiet for awhile because we know that when K.C. is pulling it together any words during the pulling it together period will set him off. We talked after about 10 minutes quietly.

I thought to myself I wonder if I should have just put the candles in the pizza? Now I have all this cake left over. I will have to take it to my sister and give some to Linh Linh. I would have invited Linh to K.C.'s party but she has always been a little afraid of K.C. I asked her about him and she said she was scared of him.
It was a good day all in all. I can see changes in the boys and it's real positive :)

Tomorrow is Saturday and I will be going to pick my Dad up and take him to synagogue. Miss Tacey will stay with the boys for a couple hours. My little reporter (Big Brother) is always watching to be sure nobody is mean to Adam or K.C.

It has been triple digits here so most of the time we try to stay out of the hot sun.
It will not cool off here until December :(


Casdok said...

A BIG happy birthday to K.C.!!!
Candles on pizza sounds perfect to me!!

And well done for figuring out the ears! :)

Niksmom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, KC!!

Tina, it sounds like there are small but big changes going on for the boys. Thise are the kind that build a sollid foundation, I think.

It sounds like the celebration was pretty successful in its own way.
I think of you and the boys often and hope things are well.

Mrs. C said...

Ohhh... I'm SURE the boys will eat cake later. Maybe he just didn't like the birthday fuss? Have to have cake.


~Miss Nelson said...

I am happy that things are going well in your family. It sounds like K.C. and Adam really do understand each other.

Happy Belated Birthday, K.C.!

Niksmom said...

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Email me at niksmother(at)gmail(dot) com with your address and I can send you the three "extra" ones we have (someone made us copies of the 1st 3 in the series). They don't have all the fancy extras of the new videos but they are a great way to try them and see how they work for your guys.

Niksmom said...

I forgot to mention...if you order on line, use PROMO10 at checkout to get a 10% discount

kristina said...

happy happy happy happy birthday!

parties are never easy----glad you kept it small and simple! and yes, candles on pizza sounds good---it's a pizza pie, right?

JUST A MOM said...

I am soo late I am sorry I am so glad you have help... I am also glad you got to get away from a while..... you need a break.... hope you get a chance to be alone and I am sorry it is till so hard,, it has been 10 years and just the other day I though..."oh dad would love that" yeah it takes a long time

Lora said...

Happy Happy Belated birthday you Big Boy K.C.! I feel like such a terrible friend because I had not checked your blog so I missed his birthday...darnit! I am glad that things were relatively mellow for you. Huge hugs to all of you guys and one very special hug to K.C. our little buddy we love so dearly! Love you guys!

kristi said...

Sorry I am so late in reading this. My little man does the same thing...when he is upset, you can't really talk to him or it makes it worse. He can scream VERY loudly.

Happy birthday to KC.

You are doing wonderful by the way!