Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello! We are back!

Hello Dear Friends,

It's been a very long time! We have missed all of you! New folks and old friends, so good to be back!
KC just celebrated his 10th birthday! He really loves How To Train Your Dragon. He adores the dragon and Hiccup. He has also been watching the preview to Cars2. That will be huge for him. I can see it in his face and the smile when anything Cars2 is previewed.
KC is doing well. He's one big kiddo for 10 years old. He's 110 pounds and now his head reaches my neck! I'm 5feet6inches.
KC didn't develop language over the years despite our very best efforts in Speech. KC was in Speech since he was about 2. He did learn signs over the years and PECS as well but for some reason we just couldn't get him to acquire any speech. I have found that over the years I have learned to read KC's face as well as family, we know what he wants. Only problem is strangers would never be able to do this without being around KC for along time. I would say our biggest help through the years was Occupational Therapy, to this day KC is on a therapy ball for at least 2 hours a day. He needs the bouncing. He needs is badly. It regulates him, makes him happier and able to cope better. We have been through many therapy balls. They have been my savior so to speak.
We have been swimming quite a bit this month since it's been so darn hot here. Nearly 110 here today. KC loves walking around the pool and loves the foam noodle we bought him. Another he has grown quite fond of is spicy Thai food! He loves Papaya salad and spicy noodles. So many good changes for him. He's a wonderful boy and I adore every minute with him. Did I mention that he wears a size 6 shoe? Yep!
He goes to the store much more now and we rarely have any headbanging episodes. He's doing very well as long as he has OT EVERYDAY. I only wish I did this years ago. Had he been going more (more than 2 or 3 days a week) I think he would have felt so much better. I can now see how much it has helped.
KC's Big Brother is 11 years old and is a sweetheart. He loves KC and they actually go to OT together. I asked KC's OT if Big Brother could sit in and watch and she said, "yes!" This is huge because we have learned that this is the best time for the two of them to actually play. KC's more focused and laughs and watches his brother bounce and swing. He really watches him and laughs hysterically when his brother bounces. 
All is well here in AZ. I am doing well myself. We even got a weenie dog! He's cute! I will write more and post more pictures soon! We love you all and welcome any new folks to read our blog and of course all of our friends who have been with us throughout the years, thank you and we love you guys!
Tina and Boys


Casdok said...

So lovely to hear from you espcially as everyone is doing so well. Love the thought of your boys doing OT together.
Keep up the great work :) x

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

So happy you have found something that works for both of you. Welcome back! You were missed!

redheadmomma said...

Tina, so great to hear how the boys are doing! You sound so happy! XOXOXO

Niksmom said...

Tina, it's so great to see you online again! I'm glad things are going well for KC. How is Adam these days? Is he still painting? I'm especially glad to hear that KC has stopped the head banging.

Have you considered asking KC's speech therapistor school about an augmentative communication device (a speech generating device)? Nik's has changed his life (our lives) and makes it so that other people can understand what Nik is trying to communicate without having to rely on me or Niksdad to translate his body language or expressions. If you want to know more about it, feel free to email me at niksmother(at)gmail(dot)com.

Wishing you and the boys a great summer!