Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Flu

Hello to everyone, we have all had the flu. Three weeks of the flu to be exact. Big Brother, K.C. and I were so darned sick, Big Brother had to go to the ER for an I.V. because he was so dehydrated. The good news is we are all feeling better, finally!

I have alot of catching up to do!

We didn't do a whole lot of homeschooling for K.C. over the three week period because he was just too sick. We are working now for short periods of time. He has a very short attention span, he looks away alot and it is hard to tell how much is sinking in because his little face doesn't give my any clues. But we won't give up! I really believe repetition will be the key to helping K.C. learn. He is much happier these days since I have taken him out of school. Not one head banging incident, not one!

We have also been going for walks, the weather has been really nice. It was 77 degrees today and tomorrow it will be 81. I really have to watch K.C. very closely when we are outside. When he starts walking he never looks back. In fact he really doesn't even stop when walking, full speed ahead for this boy. I posted a short video of him getting ready for our walk. He doesn't wait for no one, just shuffles away. Big Brother calls him "a little shuffler" because of his walk. Do you guys think he shuffles when he walks? I agree with Big Brother, he's a shuffler. It's a cute walk. The voice you hear in the background is Big Brother playing ball with a neighbor kiddo. K.C. didn't get far, towards the end of the video you can see Big Brother's shadow coming into the video heading him off.

Big Brother is feeling better, this afternoon he asked if he could get a haircut at Fantastic Sam's so off we went. K.C. did a good job waiting for his Big Brother to get a haircut a sat on the floor and played with the toys they had there. We were the only customers thankfully. K.C. will not play if another kiddo comes along. He'll just get up and walk away. Big Brother got another Mohawk. He loves Mohawks and to be honest, he hasn't had one for quite awhile and I missed seeing it.

We hope you are all well and I'll be catching up soon!


Niksmom said...

Wow, Tina, I'm so sorry you've all been so sick! Glad to know you are all on the mend, though.

That's pretty incredible about NO head banging since you took KC out of school. He's been trying to tell you something with that behavior, I guess. The video is kind of cute...he does shuffle a bit. Might be a sensory thing? Needing more input through his feet? (I'm just speculating.)

Love the mohawk on Big Brother! It takes guts and spunk to pull it off and he does!

Sending you guys love and good wishes for improving health and continued no-head-banging days! :-)

JUST A MOM said...

I love hte hair cute Tina and oh man I am sorry you guys got the funk.... I hope things settle in soon for you guys and I think it looks like he just dosn't bend his toes.. shuffle maybe more of a Waddle.. cute all the same.

kristina said...

3 weeks of flu---hope you are all through with that for awhile! 81 already, wow. Hope the homeschooling continues to go well----

Casdok said...

So glad to hear K.C. is happier, and no headbanging! How wonderful is that!!!!!

Maddy said...

They really do have the most gorgeous eyes. We had a 'dose' of head banging this morning, but I think part of it is the 'upset' of last week being off school. Finger's crossed!
Best wishes

Here's the link to the new blog

A Bishops wife said...

How terrible that you were all sick. The flue has been awful in my neck of the woods but, we have not had it. I hope we do not get it either.

I was talking with my hubby about the home school thing and how happy we are we did it. We are so new at it. Write about your families progress with it, I would love to hear how it is going.

Amy said...

Hi, my name is Amy and I'm new to your blog. I, too, having been feeling very fustrated with my son's school (he's 4 yrs old with PDD/NOS). My website is:


I hope you don't mind if I put you as a link in my blogfriends. :hugs:

Best wishes.

mommy~dearest said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better.
It is an adorable walk Jaysen RUNS everywhere), and the Mohawk RAWKS!

Donetta said...

Hello, Oh I am so sorry your had a flu break out. I have had you in my thoughts so often. I checked back often and just said a little prayer. I am so glad the head banging stopped. I had a hard time with balance with home schooling. It is very demanding in a lot of ways but with KC he will tell you in all those little ways. One day he'll just come to you and blow you away at what he does observe.
Thank you for your kindness. I am begining to feel better tonight. I had to get a different anti biotic. $$$$big buck but I am breathing and the fluid buildup is slowing now.
My kids still come up with things from years ago that they learned at my voice. So will he in just his unique ways.
Remember rest pit for yourself. It is hard work.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Hope you're all feeling much better! I love the walk.. kind of a shuffle waddle like a penguin. Bet he never loses his balance too!

He's such a sweetie!

Ditto on the RAWKING Mohawk!

Niksmom said...

Just stopped by to check up on you guys. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new picture!!!

A Bishops wife said...

How are things going?

Melinda said...

hope you all feel better soon! I LOVE the Mohawk.....and KC is adorable too! If he is walking with what appears to be a shuffle it could be due to muscle/coordination issues......does he have one leg a little shorter than the other because if so sometimes that will cause them to walk with a slight shuffle. Noah has 1 leg a little shorter than the other and it caused some problems for him earlier in his life.