Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chuck E. Cheeses and Hiking With Daddy.

We had a busy weekend with the boys. Their Daddy is in town and we we took the boys a few places to have fun. We first went to Chuck E. Cheeses, I printed some coupons off the Internet for pizza and tokens before we went. We got 100 tokens and a large pizza and 4 drinks. K.C. loves to walk with us to the drink area and I watch him visually scanning which drink he wants. He almost always picks Sprite these days. He smiles and looks very happy when he gets to hold his cup under the Sprite label and watches it fill his cup. We have to be careful though because he overflows his cup with soda.

Big Brother played lots of games, when he did finally come back to our table, I asked him if he wanted to walk with K.C. to look at the games with him. He said, "yes" so we watched as Big Brother took K.C.'s hand and walked around. We could see them the entire time, we picked a good booth to sit at. Both boys sat down at a Jurassic Park game, Big Brother put the coins in and K.C. watched, he loved watching the dinosaurs! They sat at the game for about 20 minutes, K.C. loved watching him play. Then, two boys walked up to where K.C. and Big Brother were playing. I heard one of the boys say, "can we play now?" Big Brother said, "we are still playing." The other boy looked at K.C. and said, "move it!" I started to get up and hurry over to where the boys were but their Daddy said, "no, let's see how Big Brother handles this." The boy said, "move it" again to K.C. and of course it looked as though K.C. never heard a word he said, so maybe the boy thought K.C. was ignoring him? Then I watched as this kid pushed K.C., I could not believe it! What is with kids these days? As fast as he pushed K.C., Big Brother shouted very loud, "you asshole, stop hurting my brother, he's Autistic!" People stared, the kids knew they were in trouble and left mighty fast. The whole time K.C. didn't cry or seem to realize that someone was being mean to him. He just wanted to watch the game. I have always told Big Brother that if someone was trying to grab him or hurt him to scream as loud as he could. He remembered :) After that the boys did had alot of fun together, the rest of our visit to Chuck E. Cheeses went very well.

Today we went hiking, the weather was nice and cool today, perfect for hiking. We walked up a "medium sized mountain" as Big Brother described it. K.C. walked with his Daddy and Big Brother walked with me. It was so nice to see K.C. take his Daddy's hand on our hike. K.C. almost always sticks with me, today was different. The best part about it is his Daddy looked so proud and really moved that K.C. took interest im him and walked with (even held his hand!) Big Brother and I talked alot as K.C. and Daddy were pretty far ahead of us. I let Big Brother know I had hidden a bag of corn nuts (Ranch Flavored) in my backpack. He was quite happy as he's a total corn nut addict. We talked and ate those along the walk, it was really nice.

When we were finished hiking, we needed to go to the supermarket for a few things. I am not sure what happened but as we were driving to the supermarket, K.C. began to kick a little in his seat. He howled a little too. When we pulled into the parking lot he looked very distressed. Before we got out of the car I told his Dad that I didn't think it was a good idea that we go shopping when K.C. is clearly not happy. (K.C.'s Daddy is in town only a couple times a month) He said, "he'll be o.k. once we get inside." I knew he wouldn't. But....tried anyways. K.C. did try to keep it together as we walked, (the whole time it looked like an explosion was imminent) then as we walked down as aisle he bolted from me and shoved 7 spaghetti sauce jars onto the floor. I knew I could not make a big deal out of what just happened or he would probably remember how I reacted and do it again the next time we went to the store. I just walked up to him and took his hand and led him away from the mess. By this time Big Brother and Daddy got as far away from us as possible, can you believe this? I tired to walk K.C out of the store in a hurry before headbanging or falling to the floor and not getting up could happen. As we walked I looked back and saw their Dad point towards the door (duh, we did he think we were going?) then I heard Big Brother say, "wait Mom." He caught up to us, he looked worried, he said,
"hurry Mom he's biting his fingers." We made it out of the store, poor K.C. Something set him off when we were in the car, I am not sure what it was. One thing for sure, I will listen to myself when it comes to K.C. next time. I did tell their Dad later that he isn't with K.C. enough to know when he's had enough and a meltdown is about to happen. He agreed and apologized.

When we got home I realized it was about 1:00 and think I figured it out. K.C. was probably hungry and wanted to go to McDonald's for lunch. I put a soy pizza in the oven when we got home and he ate 3 pieces and Big Brother had 2.

K.C. still can not answer yes or no questions. He can not nod his head yes or no so if something is out of reach and we ask, "do you want pizza?" He can't nod no or yes. He has to be able to touch the pizza twice to indicate "yes." That is huge progress for K.C.!

All in all it was a good day for the boys. We aren't going to let the supermarket incident get us down, there is much to learn and K.C. is making good progress each and everyday.


Casdok said...

Glad you are not going to let this incident get you down.And i think you handled it really well.
I learnt from each such incidents and now am able to avoid most of them.
K.C. can indicate Yes! That is fantastic!! We are still working on that one!

redheadmomma said...

Hiking sounds so wonderful and that was great that KC was happy to be with his dad...

...the supermarket thing: I know it's so tough to have to be a mindreader to guess what's going on with your kid. Please know that you're not alone in that. And, a silver lining: this is thankfully a small event to remind you of its big lesson: always listen to your instincts. Always. :)

And that is AWESOME that he can touch the pizza twice to communicate with you! :) :) I'm proud of him! :)

Donetta said...

Oh yes he is making progress. So are you , your standing in your power and seeing what a wise Mother you are indeed.
I am so happy for your nice day and for all the little blessings.
Soy Pizza? Sounds interesting. We can not eat milk, i can not do wheat.

kristina said...

Maybe he was simply tired from the walk and needed to get home, and hungry. As you suggest, taking care of our boys means knowing when to listen to them and realize that we have to change course. We've tried soy pizza too, Amy's brand----not bad.

LAA and Family said...

It can be so tricky, reading the signs that your child is giving you but at the same time wanting to take care of things that need to be done. I'm glad you're not letting the incident in the store get you down. Every experience is an opportunity for both you AND K.C. to learn.