Thursday, July 15, 2010

Surgery For K.C.

It's happened. K.C.'s had got an infection in it. Took him to the burn center in Phoenix, he had red streaks going up his arm. It was AWFUL. I'm at home and he's still in the hospital. I had to hurry home and shower, he's finally fell asleep and a child life lady promised she's stay at his bedside til I come back. She's been so wonderful. K.C. really seems to like her. She's brought him movies, connect 4 game and puzzle books. He's been crying lots since surgery, he had a graft done and has tro have one more next week. He kept ripping his I.V. out everytime I dozed off. I am sooooo sleepy. His Dad will be here tonight so when I go back to the hospital tonight I will be able to come home and sleep. I just need 4 hours and I'll be good for a few days at least. K.C. had a PICC line in. It goes under his arm and into his chest artery. They put it in in surgery. He can't get this one out. When they change his dressing they give him oxycontin 30 minutes before and they won't allow to to go in. They say they want his hospital room to feel as a safe zone where Mom is and the treatment room the not so fun room. It's been such a whirlwind. I'm sorry if it's a rambled post but I really wanted to keep everyone updated, you all are like a big family to us and we need as much support as we can get. It helps so much since we don't have family here in country anyways. The Boys are with College Boy right now. He's been our friend through alot. It's just temporary til their Dad is home. It's just after eleven p.m. and his Dad will be here around 4 a.m. Then I got a letter in the mail saying the boys Open Houses are next week for school and we must attend. I'm feeling overwhelmed and scared to death for K.C. Well thank you all for listening to me vent again.
I haven't talked to the respite person who was supposed to be watching K.C. they day he was burned. I have gone to the police and they are going to investigate and talk to her. God Knows If I "talk" to her I may throw hot boiling water on her hand. I'm just so mad she has been hiding out more or less and hasn't called once to check on K.C. if this was an accident as she says. The police will talk to her. I'm trying my best to let the anger go and concentrate on K.C. but everytime he cries and hurts I remember how we can't find her and get pi$$$$! I will keep you all updated. Have a good night everyone. Prayers all around.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I am writing to vent today. I had mentioned in my previous post that I was going to take Adman and Big Brother to see Despicable Me and the theatre. We did go. Not half way into the movies K.C.'s respite worker calls and says to come home right away he had gotten burned on hot soup and she was heading to the emergency room with him. Panic stricken I must have drove 90 miles per hour to the ER where we hurried in to the front desk dragging A very pissed off Adam and Big Brother trying to help control Adam and calm him from the very fast change and an end to a movie he thought he was going to see through. Big Brother a little over 4 1/2 feet and Adam nearly 5 feet 9 inches, it was tough. We managed. Big Brother found a waiting room with a t.v. and VCR where Pinocchio was playing. I ran to check where K.C. was and the nurse directed me to the room he was in. Screaming he was, trying to bite his burned hand and two nurses trying to calm him. The Dr. came in and gave him a shot which worked wonders, sedated him. I couldn't believe my baby was hurt so bad when I thought I had the best person watching him. Where was the respite worker? NOT WITH K.C. The nurse said she had left the room to FIND ME as I was coming to the hosp. THE B**** never came back! She F****** left K.C. I'm sorry for the language I'm just so pissed. I was crying, felt so god awful bad for going to the movie and leaving K.C. This was a person I had trusted to keep him safe. The nurses say his respite worker was cooking Ramen soup for K.C. when he reached up and pulled the pot handle off the stove. Hot liquid spilled all over his little hand, the top layer just feel off. The hosp the transferred us to a burn unit downtown Phoenix. They scrubbed that burn hard and put on a 'new skin' and prescription ointment and painkillers. He's been crying and crying. Now I feel bad for just leaving Adam with Big Brother. I have no family here since my parents are both passed away now. I talked to Big Brother and he said, "Mom I wouldn't let Adam get away for my life." I cried and cried. I need someone to talk too. I'm making an appointment to see counselor. I'm overwhelmed. Need more help with the boys. Our last in home helper moved to Michigan. I miss her terribly. She's finishing up her degree there. Ihave to find help. Good help. But first I am going to do everything in my power to see that the respite worker who watched K.C. is in serious s*** and should not be around another Autistic child again. How do I even know that is what happened? K.C. can't tell me. Prayers people we need prayers.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Good 4th of July

Our kiddos had a great 4Th. KC tolerated the sound fairly well. We parked far away to minimize the noise. Visited town square for a bit then headed home. He spun in circles most of the time but no crying. I'm not too sure if he was overstimulated or? Tonight I am taking Big Brother Ad Man and a friend to see Despicable Me. How I wish K.C. could tolerate it. I feel bad for leaving him. We go real late, usually after 10 p.m. when he's asleep and have his respite care giver watch over him as he sleeps. He wakes alot and we now have locks on EVERYTHING. This months tally: K.C. destroyed the buttons off my cellphone, picked them off, tore the knobs off the washer, actually picked and picked at our couch til he pulled the insulation out and finally he broke the hose from the washer to the wall outlet and watched water shoot out of the wall. It was horrific. What a flood. Took the day to fix. I did it myself though! Big Brother and I are quite the team of repair people. Now there are locks everywhere. Told Big Brother he just has to get used to it and Ad Man HATES THE LOCKS. Change is very, very hard. I still don't understand why K.C. destroys things that he seems to love dearly. Even his own stuff. Labels on bottles, cans etc he's compelled to pick. His lips too. Even teeth. His lips are always rough. I try to sneak chap stick on them when he sleeps but that boy wakes at the slightest touch. We found a movie he adores. Coraline! He loves it so much. I highly recommend it! If K.C. loves it it must be good! Happy Day All!