Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's been awhile

Hello Bloggers, it's been awhile since I last posted. K.C. has been sick with Asthma and it's been very rough. We have been taking him to the Dr. twice a week for breathing treatments. That has been hell because he doesn't know how to do a breathing treatment even though the technician has demonstrated it to him 6 times. She finally got a clue and just held his treatment near his nose. If I were K.C. I would be afraid too. This little inhaler type thing has so much smoke coming out of it and you are supposed to be breathing it in. Even though K.C. doesn't understand, her holding near his face has helped, the only thing is it makes him very jittery. Inhalers are out of the question. K.C. doesn't understand that when I "press button" "he breathes in." I am terrified he'll have a freaking asthma attack and the inhaler will be useless. He has been taking Alupent liquid and it has finally started to help. I wish there was a way to teach him to use the inhaler so that the medicine could get in his lungs quicker. Scares me to death. His ABA teacher is determined to teach him to use the inhaler.

He has been absent from school on and off, but has finally started going back as of yesterday and today.

Yesterday he had OT where his OT watched him walk on a treadmill slowly and walk on an obstacle course. He also got to play "parachute." Since K.C. has been going to his new school I have noticed the majority of the day is spent on OT related things. If K.C. could get past his OT issues I know the school could focus more on academics. But for now K.C. needs help with sensory issues. He is doing great in his new school and I feel very lucky to have him in this school. Since going to his new school, he has been letting me comb his hair a bit more and he is willing to try new foods more. Huge change!

Big Brother has been doing good. In the evenings since it's cooled down some, he's been going outside and riding his skateboard. Sunday he wants to go to the skate park :) I have noticed when children talk to him at the skate park he will not utter a single word. The last time we went, a little boy about 9 years old was trying to give Big Brother "advice" as to where to "roll in" on his skateboard. Big Brother would not look at him and wouldn't answer. I said nothing to Big Brother about it until we were home. We are going to work on talking to other children when we go to the skate park. He wants friends he says, he really does, maybe he's just a little shy. We will work on it.

Yom Kippur came and I decided to take BOTH boys to synagogue. I had a back up plan which consisted of my sister. If K.C. couldn't handle it I would take him home and she would stay with Lynn Lynn and Big Brother. K.C. sat for about 10 minutes! 10 minutes! I am so proud of him, I hugged and kissed him to death and told him what a good job he did "sitting nicely." I am amazed at him.
I haven't been visiting blogs very much these days and have alot of catching up to do. We hope you are all well :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy New Year

To our dear family and friends,

We wish you a year of good health and joy. May you be inscribed and sealed in the book of life. L'shanah tovah umetukah. This has been a year of many highs, and some lows, but we look forward to a bright year ahead, thank you for coming along on our journey.

We will be going to my Parents home and spending time with them and at the synagogue.

I praise God who is Lord and Ruler over all,
for keeping us well to reach this season.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Our trip to the museum and main street. part 1

I took the boys to the Mesa Southwest Museum today. Big Brother wanted to go so badly because they have a "panning for gold" activity for children. I wondered if K.C. would be able to handle it and decided that yes, he probably would for a short time. We entered the museum and as you walk through the doors there is this huge Mastodon display. I noticed that as we waited in line to pay for admission he seemed o.k., the only thing that looked to be bothering him was the lights. He squinted the whole way through the museum, put his head down and hands over his eyes at one point. I mentioned to Big Brother that we should go outside to the panning for gold and he agreed. K.C. loved the water and the rocks (sand and fools gold) that was outside. He looked so relaxed running his hands through the water, he could care less about panning for anything. After we panned for gold we went back inside to have a look at the meteor display Big Brother wanted to see again. As we stopped to look K.C. pinched my arm and I knew it was time to go. We started to head out of the museum and I made a wrong turn (the place was pretty big three floors) and K.C. must have thought we weren't going to leave because he pinched me the whole time it took to find our way out. His face looked panicky, I told him "outside" and we were in about two minutes. Major meltdown avoided! On the way home he K.C. fell asleep and Big Brother admired his fools gold. Next Friday the museum is having a costume night, "Night at the Museum." You come as your favorite character from the movie. Big Brother is dying to go, we will see if I can get my Mom to look after K.C. I took some photos (alot of photos) but will have to post in two separate posts so they will all fit.

More photos and post below.

Our trip to the museum.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Finally, some rain!

It rained today, for about 15 minutes it rained, couldn't believe my eyes. I took K.C. outside to watch the rain, I think he liked it. His eyes are very sensitive to light and he squints them a lot. Now if I could just keep his hands out of his mouth :)

A rainbow as well!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A walk to the park.

A very hot day today, triple digits. We are getting cabin fever here, decided to go for a walk (a very quick walk). 110 degrees today, oy vey! I am learning to upload videos and will post a couple more soon. Hope everyone is doing well!

Saturday, September 01, 2007